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About Our Social Work and Eligibility Department: 

​Our Social Work Department is where our patient experience begins. Here they go over eligibility requirements and ensure the patient understands what services we can provide for them, and in turn, what we expect from the patient. They also provide programs and education centered around our patients’ health and wellness. If patients are needing additional resources, our social workers connect them to additional community resources that are available.

Some additional resources offered by Good Samaritan Clinic are listed below.

Spiritual and Support Services:
  • Chaplains are present and available to talk to patients, family, and friends about issues that concern them – not just spiritual matters

  • Spiritual guidance is available when desired by patients

  • Annual evaluation and update of patient eligibility status

  • Twice-yearly evaluations and referrals to agencies which can help patients address issues associated with living in poverty which, when left unresolved, contribute to health problems

Education and Wellness Services:
  • Education to address major diseases faced by patients living in poverty:  diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension (high blood pressure), breathing conditions (e.g., asthma, COPD), obesity, stress, and bone & joint conditions

  • Classes to educate patients about how they can make life-affirming decisions to alter the course of their disease(s)

  • Classes to teach patients about nutrition and how to make better (and affordable) dietary choices

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