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Medical Care Services:
  • Primary Care 

  • Consultations and Referrals

    • General Surgery​

    • Sports Medicine

    • Pulmonology

    • Gynecology

    • Internal Medicine

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Prescriptions

About Our Patient Referrals Department: 

​The majority of our patients suffer from chronic health issues that often require consultation with specialists. Our Referrals Department, headed by a registered nurse, serves as a liaison between our patients and the doctors in the community to meet the complex needs that cannot be met by the primary care we provide. These doctors provide a vital service to our patients, keeping our patients from making unnecessary visits to the Emergency Room, and often making the difference between life or death.

About Our Prescription Dispensary and Patient Assistance Program (PAP): 

​Chronic health issues often require daily medications. Our dispensary, headed by a registered nurse, serves as the connection between health issues and health management. If a patient qualifies for medications through PAP, the dispensary inventories and gives the medications out. The dispensary also orders free medications that our doctors prescribe through US Access/Americares . This saves the patient money and time. We also accept sealed medications from the community.

The cost of medications are overwhelming for the patients who utilize our clinic. We have volunteers who seek out free medications from pharmaceutical companies in order to help our patients maintain their health. These medications come directly from the companies to our dispensary, where they are inventoried and then given to our patients at their appointments.

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